Yards offers innovative garden and landscape design services, based in Brisbane.

After your initial garden and landscape design consultation, we develop your garden design and present it to you on-site with all relevant documentation, including scaled concept plans, plant and material selection. We prefer to discuss this document on-site so we can walk you through your garden designs and ideas, explaining the different elements of the plan and bring the drawings to life.

During the garden and landscape design process, we will guide you through the options to compliment your new landscape. We cover all garden sizes including courtyards and balconies.

Once a garden design plan has been finalised, it can be accurately quoted for installation.

From this point you have the option to complete your garden as a DIY project or arrange for Yards to work with you, bringing experience and horticultural skill to complete your garden construction.


We are members of Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM)