Fire, Water and Stone

Fire, Water & Stone

This compact Bulimba waterfront garden combines easy boat jetty access with a functional space for entertaining. A sunken fire pit using textured stone complements the other hardscape elements including hardwood benches and planter boxes, while offset by the Empire turf lawn and hardy plants. LED strip lighting under the hardwood benches provides a unique night-time ambience.

We are so proud that this project was one of six gardens chosen to feature in the AILDM hidden Design Festival, held on Saturday, 5 March 2016, seeing over 400 people visit this amazing property.

Feedback from hidden Design Festival visitors to this garden:

“Outstanding choice of plants and integration of landscape to architecture.  Well done!”

“Blown away. I’m speechless! Everything has been thought of – the landscaping is brilliant.”

“Wonderful garden. Love the way the outside and inside merge into one.”

“Excellent use of space and planting. Wonderful.”

“Ben has done a wonderful execution. Everything balances.”

“Lovely garden design, fits into a river view so nicely. Smart use of hardy plants.”

“Wonderful use of space and height.”

“A delightful garden that blends seamlessly with the home! fantastic.”

“Very beautiful, well maintained and just a little bit different. Loved it.”

“Lovely clever garden design on a small area – enjoyed the whole visit – Thank you”.

“House and garden are one Great ideas and design in a small lot.”

“Spectacular garden – loved it!”

“Clever. Liveable.”

” A great plan, that has come together splendidly.”

“This is one is the standout garden – beautiful and inspiring.”

Proceeds from the 2016 hidden Design Festival QLD were proudly donated to Hummingbird House.

Design inspiration
Client’s love of plants
Architecture of the home
The Brisbane River
Heritage of the boat building precinct

Plant selection
Bromeliads, many varieties, including Neoregelia, Alcantarea, and Billbergia
Pleached Olive Hedges

Material selection
Concrete pavers – poured in-situ, moonscape blend
Stone bricks – Basalt stone
Hardwood – Rustic wire brushed finish